The Time of Your Life

31 Aug

“We Cannot Put off living until we are ready,The msot salient character of life is its coerciveness It is alaways urgent”here and Now” without any possible postponement,life is fired at us point blank Jose Ortega Gasset”

Time is a finite resource. benjamin Ffrnaklin said “do not waste time for that is the stuff life is made of.” We would all like to think that we have time to accomplish  all of our life goals ad desires but,we often kid ourselves by telling ourselves ther ei splenty of time.We will do what we intend to do when the time is right but,often there is no perfect time when all of the circumstances are just right. I beleive that  two obstacles to achieving our goals are fear and copmplacency. Instead of confronting fear  we may tell ourselves  that we have the time to deal with our fears and don’t have to do it now.I will do it tomorrow is an infamous lie that a lot of addicts as well as others  tell themselves.A sign I saw in a church said it well.Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.its such a simple and profound statement. The present is the only time we have to work with. we cannot lament the past or be sure of the future. It has been said that nmost people come to the end of their lives and regret what they didn’ty accomplish much more that what they might have done. One of the most important parts of goal accomplishment is taking action. We must also have a vision and be able to find and cultivate the courage to go after what we want. We have to begin ,follow through and sustain our efforts. Succes is doing a lot of little things and ssome scary things consistently. Art Williams in his book “All you Can do Is all You can do ;but all you can Do is enough’ mentions that as he was establishing A.L. Williams he had to deal with the uncomfortable  aspects of selling.It wasn’t one big leap it was a consistent struggle. So often we think of succes as one big leap but,that isn’t usually the case. If we are not where we want  to be it may be useful to ask ourselves why not? We might also look into the future to see where will will be if we stay on the course we are on.If we don’t like the answer then what we have to do is change the course by deciding where we want to be and taking different actions. I don’t think we want to be in the future and lament about what could have been. The benefits of succes will make us happier than recalling a disppointed life of missed opportunities.


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