31 Aug

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning Constant continual improvement. It is used to apply to many parts of lifeincluding Relatinships and Business. The Japanese Auto industry is not complacent. Good enough isn’t satisfactory. The Japanese are continously seeking improvement in their automobile and thy are already very high quality.. Motivational speaker  Tony Robbins developed a discipline from Kaizen that he calls CANI. It stands for Constant and never ending improvement. Kaizen is small consistent steps to improvement. I think there is a natural human tendency to be complacent. Kaizen challenges us to improve on what is already good. The steps are small incremental daily improvements so that they are not overwhelming. A book titled “The Kaizen Way” by Dr. edward Maurer discusses the concept of Kaizen in a helpful way. The book points out that by taking small steps we can make make progress without setting off our body’s internal alarm sysyem. We can also do unpleasant tasks by getting started a little at a time. Kaizen can have a lot of uses from Business to marriage,family.,skills,hobbies and self improvement. We can consult with our friends,family , and business associates to give us input in where we want our business and relationships to go. We can have an agreement on goals and work together to achieve them. We don’t have to do everything at once we can use  Kaizen to make small and very marked improvements over time.The concept of kaizen is very useful for success.


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