Toxic Anger

10 Aug

I know of people who are constantly in a state of anger. They may rant on their Facebook page or blog about a list of pet peeves. The book of Proverbs tells us that a wise man is slow to anger.Anger is a destructive force and as with any emotion it can become toxic. It can dominate a person’s entire perspective on life and even make them physically ill.There may be a lot of reasons soemone thinks they can justify their anger but, they need to take a look at themselves if anger is their constant companion. If you stop and think about it anger hurts those who have it more than those it may be directed against. A lot of us may have what we seem to think injustices done against us. We often expect life to be fair but,it isn’t. When someone is angry they are in reaction and therefore not in control. It may also be better just to ignore percieve slights . It may be better to wait for a clearer head to deal with a problem rationally. Anger can permanently harm relationships with other people and you can never take back what you say. People will be far more compelled to your problems and complaints if you state them calmly instead of berating them for their part in the problem. I think it is helpfulto continue to remind one’s self that anger simply harms their happines sand mental health. Some people may need some type of therapy if the problem is too severe. Remember,Anger is hazardous to your happiness.

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