It starts with The person

10 Aug

If you want abetter life you can start by taking absolute responsibility for your own Life.You are responsible for your own life if you are and adult of sound mind and body. I don’t mean that misfortune and every bad thing in your life was caused by you. What I do mean that you are resonsible for dealing with it as best you can.. Our culture often encourage people to think of themselves as victims maybe because of race,sex,classand other circumstances but,we have to resist the tempoataion to take the easy way out and let ourselves off the hook. Excuses don’t feed the buldog and they are a very poor consoltaion prize. The trouble with being a victim is that a person ispowerless to help themselves. Unfortunately there are politicians and others who benefit from making people feel powerless. As Ronald eagan said “Government is no the soluion to our problems.” A lot of people have what is known as an external locust of control. The ymay beleive that their failure to succeed is due to bad luck or some external influence on their life. Peopl have to understand that if they live in a free society then there is much they have to say about whether or not they will be successful. It is interesting that a lot of people who succed in business are immigrants from other countries. I beileve that it is because they can see and value the freedom and opportuities they have. They likely have an internal locust of control. An internal locust of control means that a person beleives they have a lot of control over their lives and that what happens to them is greatly under their own control. It is best to have an internal locust of control for one’s happiness and mental health. Studies show that those who believe they have more control over their lives actually do. It is easy tounderstand why this is the case. In the final analysis it is what people do that determines their success or failure in life s well as their happiness. The failure to take action is to live by default and most of us won’t like the result.

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