About Me

3 Aug

My name is Gary League. When I was 12 years old I became interested in hypnosis when a relative decided to go to a Hypnotist. i started reading on it and I found it interesting although It was not very good information from what i have today. When i was 17 I saw my first lecture and demonstration on Hypnosis and it was interesting to meet a real Hypnotist. The man spoke in a monotone voice and seemed very confident. He appeared to be some kind of superman. Later I decided to get some training on my own and I was happy with what I had learned. A little later I met a Hypnotist who really knew some pwerful technioques for doing Hypnosis right. I say right because I learned that what most hypnotists do is actually pretty ineffective. More on this in my podcast ‘Understanding Hypnosis” www.podomatic.com/garyleague. I used to read psychology because I wanted more information on why people behave as they do. I also took some psychology courses in college and enjoyed reading beyond the assigned parts. I later became interested in motivational speakers such as ZIg Ziglar and Anthony Robbins. I became very interested in what i would call the Psychology of success and I have spent many years studying Human behavior and how to make it more productive. My blog deals with Hypnosis and self-improvement and success.

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